Huawei Shop in shop

D&G window
21 Febbraio 2018
Multibrand Coty
16 Febbraio 2018


The purchase choice: a unique experience

T he briefing aimed to develop a new Shop in Shop concept for Huawei, with a highly technological, elegant and smart character, for a 360 ° product and service experience.

Final result was a complex furnishing and outfitting project, with a focus on small details,in each area: from the flooring to the supporting structures up to each component’s electrification.A high modulated structure to suit market and products latest needs.
Shop in shop

Fasi: Design, Production, Set-up, Maintenance


  • Layered Mdf flooring and parquet planks.
  • Brushed inox basement .
Vertical modular forms:
  • Main structures in mdf and metal.
  • Coverings in silk screen printed Acrylic.
  • Glossy inox decorations.
  • Strip led and panel led lighting system.
Interactive corian table:
  • Silk screen printing decoration.
  • Mdf wood covered.
Tables for phones display:
  • Supports in brushed inox with glossy varnish.
  • Mdf wood covered top.
  • Multimedia systems for products presentation.
  • Devices and smartphones shoplifting
  • Electric system and stripled lighting system.
Lighted boxes:
  • Aluminum structure steel covered and visual printed on nylon.
  • Communication system with screens 65”.