High quality standards, shared within our skilled and well-organized company, are guaranteed by relevant certifications and transformed into reliability for customers, suppliers, employers and partners.

Bureau Veritas key values

  • Focus on customers and their needs
    Organizations depend on their Customers and therefore all activities have to be customers oriented;
  • Leadership
    For unity of purpose and direction;
  • Team work
    Personnel is fully involved in achieving company goals;
  • Approach by process
    Resources and activities must be managed by processes, considering interactions between input and output, to achieve the perfect common result;
  • Systemic approach of the management
    The effectiveness and efficiency of the Organization depend on a consistent approach to the work activities;
  • Continuous improvement
    The assumption of this principle as part of the corporate culture is a critical objective for the Organization;
  • Decisions based on facts
    Effective decisions are based on the logical and intuitive analysis of real data and information;
  • Relationships of mutual benefit with suppliers