Atelier Archiand has always been keen on researching and developing innovative solutions to improve the brand visibility and the sales performance of every product.

We internally manage the design and production processes to create tailor-made furniture and retail areas, with cutting-edge digital signage solutions and content personalization at completion.

Discover through the images the variety of solutions studied for each sector.


We propose a great variety of integrated or self-standing products: the minimalist and exclusive Made in Italy design is combined with an easy remote management of contents.

  • LCD
  • Ledwall
  • Totem
  • Software for the remote management of contents


We make your point of sale SMART, thanks to an intelligent system that activates dedicated contents and scenarios according to your customers’ behavior This integrated system provides information related to customers like their sex, age, and peak hours of their visit at the store.

  • Customer categorization
  • Activation of dedicated scenarios
  • Peak hours of visit


We offer smart solutions to decorate your point of sale and make it GREENER Thanks to our low-maintenance, hydroponics flooring system, we can create new and sustainable settings at your point of sale. This solution also offers a new shopping experience that involves all the senses

  • Low maintenance
  • Ornamental
  • Engaging