Elegant and essential elements to show the product, for a glorification from a unique and original point of view and a displaying offering new experiential approaches.

Among the product categories, the display is probably the simplest element, base of POP grammar. As a communication master, Archiand uses this tool to create new syntax. The challenge? Make modernity languages visible.

Discover through the images the variety of solutions studied for each sector.

Counter displays

From cosmetics to pharmaceuticals industry, from stationery to eyewear, from tobacco to high-tech; our counters are the first interface with the user and are individually studied to glorify the quality of the product, increasing its visibility and strengthen the brand identity.


Archiand supplies upon request a range of accessories on demand, to support visual communication: visibility kits, plates, reglette, communication holders, valid tools used to identify, enhance and diffuse the brand image.

Electical displays

Electrical displays add the benefit of a light source to display design. Lighting elements reinforce colors impact, graphics and materials, further glorifying the project quality.

Floor displays

Floor displays decorate and add value to points of sales. Through their use corners can be reproduced, creating a visual merchandising pathway in products displaying.