Huawei Christmas tree at Citylife

P20 Pro Rinascente Walls
31 Gennaio 2023


The Christmas atmosphere supported by Artificial Intelligence.

T he briefing asked for the design and set-up of a smart technological Christmas tree in the City Life Shopping District of Milan.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence of Mate20Pro, the Huawei Christmas tree was aimed at employing games of light and detailed video messages to show the predominant feelings of visitors, as they were filmed by a camera device inserted inside totems placed in the square and inside the shopping gallery.


Phases: Design, Production, Set-up


The tree located in the middle of the square was entirely made of varnished metal set-up on site with welded and bolted elements for a total height of about 18 m.

213 stays were mounted on the supporting structure to support 1.5 km of dynamic LEDs connected to the “beating heart” of the tree, located inside a technical compartment with control units and a computer for the remote management of interactive content.
Alla base è stata posizionata una circonferenza ricoperta da 26 ledwall outdoor formato 500x500 mm che forniscono una serie di contenuti dinamici interattivi e sincronizzati con i diversi giochi di luce selezionati dal cervello centrale, posizionato nel totem principale sotto l’albero.