Nespresso | Capsule

Hugo Boss Ma Vie l’Eau
16 Febbraio 2018

Discovering coffee it's like...

Being artists looking for rare pigments

Briefing goal was about the realization of a project of this ancient and precious powder, combined to the modernity of the capsule system ideated by the company.
Final result was an electrical linear display with a graphic project and a custom-made set-up to glorify corporate brand, technology and product quality.

20 Dicembre 2015

S haped and folded methacrylate base with wooden finish, rosewood essence, made by HD silk screened printing.

An internal led device is used to lighting lettermark brand positioned on the front. Top surface with a double plex sheet for an interchangeable look.

Guide for frontal description insert or capsule tester. A variety of millings allow the position of communication flags. Methacrylate crowner, aluminium and steel with perimeter led system.

A crossed milling placed near mounted capsules on a second staggered sheet guarantees a lighting transmission with a powerful emotive impact. A 3D laser cut black texture underlines the brand.